Family Law

Reasons to stay married and not divorced


We all make mistakes, and one of them is marriage. Sometimes we think that we’re ready or perhaps we’re just pushing for a specific image we wanted to portray on to the society. Maybe that you’re too young, or as a couple you didn’t think it thoroughly with your spouse, or perhaps you feel like you were never meant to be together and maybe divorce is already final for both sides. But should you get a divorce? Although the final decision is in your hand, we have several reasons why you should. Hopefully, this reasons can convince you of not getting a divorce.

kidsThe kids

The kids are probably the main reason why you shouldn’t get a divorce when parents separate from the house; it affects the children the most. A broken home can cause severe trauma to the children, which can influence the way they think, act and the way they perceive a relationship. There are also some studies that children from normal family can adjust well in school, and can cope with problems much better than children that came from a broken home. If divorce is the choice, make sure that you find some of the best lawyers to handle your case.

Splitting assetscourt

This reason is also a significant thing on why a divorce can be a bad idea, let’s say that you have bought a house together and you put your name under the legal documents, this will cause an argument on the court, which means lawyers, debates and many more. The divorce will not only cost your relationship but finance, time and also the custody of your child.

It can affect your finances

When you get a divorce, it can also affect your finances, as you have to give some fees, starting from lawyers, to the legal fees, child support, moving fees (which can cost a lot), and many more. To make matter worse, you might get into an argument about who keeps the asset, and who has the custody, which can cost more.

Tip: when facing a divorce you probably want to finish it as soon as possible, as you keep paying the lawyer the longer you keep the case going around, which can cost a lot.

It will affect your mental healthmental health

No matter how it might make you feel better, it will affect you in the first days; divorce can cause a lot to your mental health. Anxiety, depression, and trauma might creep in, which can earn you a visit to the therapist.

Getting custody of your child


Parents go through a lot when raising their children. Their own personal differences can have an impact on their children’s lives. A couple may disagree because of various reasons which may lead to their need for separation. In such a situation, kids become mentally disturbed because they are denied the joy of being with both their parents. A legal process is essential in a divorce or separation to help the couple agree on what one should part with. One of the most disputed decisions in such a procedure is child custody. Parents always differ on who should take full custody of the child each of them giving out their reasons.


Some argue out the best intentions they have for the child which the court should consider. Your commitment to seeing the child live a better life is also another thing a court can consider. In some instances, courts tend to deny a parent their child custody because of their conduct in the courtroom. Emotional outbursts in the courtroom and anything demeaning to the court are some of the things considered before a ruling on child custody is issued. The financial status of a parent is also put into consideration. Parents should consider the following before filing a case to get the custody of a child.


Legal professional

You should look for an experienced lawyer who understands matters child custody. Go through the records of one and scrutinize their 002background experience in cases involving child custody. You are also advised to understand what the law requires in such matters. If you have a hard time to pick one, seek references of the best legal minds that can deal with such cases swiftly. An experienced lawyer will inform you on the process and help you file all that is required of the case. They will give a proper presentation before the judges.


Proper testimony

Get people who will highlight how your parent-child relationship should be a reason for the court to grant you custody of your child. They should be clear and fluent to convince the judges. People you have lived with and known you for an extended period of time can play the role of a character witness because they know everything about you and how you relate to your child. Judges will consider their presentations before coming up with a ruling.


003Test preparedness

The bar may come up with different tests to see if you can coexist with your child properly. You should prepare for any of these assignments. They may send a person to evaluate your character at home. This may not be a comfortable affair for many, but you should welcome the process and maintain your character by living and treating your child like you always do.

Qualities Of A good Divorce Attorney


Choosing a good divorce lawyer can be quite a tough task. You cannot hire a lawyer because you found him online and since you need one, he is the best. Remember that a divorce attorney will be the lawyer that will assist you in negotiating the terms of your divorce and that is why you need to ensure that the lawyer has the credentials, skills and experience, and style that is required at an affordable price.

Properties of a good divorce attorney


It is important that when you are looking for a lawyer, you do not pick any lawyer that you come across. You have to remember that working with a lawyer requires trust and a peaceful working experience that is going to last for a lot of months. Ensure that you pick the right lawyer for your case. An attorney, who can formulate a winning legal solution to your dilemma one who will make you leave the court satisfied about your case. Below are the qualities of a good divorce attorney.

Mastery of family law

When you are choosing a divorce lawyer, ensure that you pick an attorney who devotes his legal practice in family law. Of course, this is a complicated field in the area of legal practice. You should ensure that you look for someone who has enough experience and skills that are needed in dealing with the involution of the divorce process. During a divorce, you need to take important issues into account, and that is why you need to be represented by a good lawyer. Remember that the life of your children is at stake and so you cannot entrust the case to someone who will not guarantee you a win-win solution in this case.

Attention to details

Good lawyers are always concerned with the details, and they should know the facts so that they can win your case. If you are choosing a good lawyer, you should be able to see his attentiveness and involvement the very first time you consult him. A good lawyer is one who will fight for your rights as his client. When you are talking to him, he should be able to give you all his attention but if he is paying attention to something else as you do the talking, he is not a good one, and so you should look for any excuse and find someone else.

Good communication discipline

lsdnvlksadvlsdnvlaksdnvlkasndvlkasdvnlaskdvnklasdnvlksadnvlasdvasdWhen you want to know who a good lawyer is, is one who ensures timely communication is an important factor in a lawyer-client relationship. You will be able to see this during your first stages of your consultation process. By proper taking and returning of your calls, you will be able to know his office policies. This will enable you to know how dedicated this lawyer is to his job. Timely communication is important because it will enable you to understand that the lawyer can formulate winning strategies for legal issues. A lawyer who is completely the opposite of what is discussed above is a failure and will not help you in your case.