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Factors to Consider when Looking for the Best Attorneys


When you face a legal conflict, the best thing that you can do is hire the right lawyer to represent you in
a court of law. People are spending a lot of their precious time behind bars, and this is because they did
not take the process of hiring an attorney seriously. While many lawyers would be seeking your
attention, you need to understand that not all of them can provide you with the quality legal services
you deserve. Therefore, when looking to hire an attorney, it is not prudent to hire the first one that you
come across. Instead, it would help if you did your homework. Here are some of the factors that you
should always consider.

The Specialization

legal issuesThe law is vast. Therefore, if you want someone with a good understanding of the problem you are experiencing, you should look at their specialization. For instance, if you face a personal injury case, you need to choose someone who has worked on a similar case before. The profession is an essential factor because it tells you that the attorney has the proper knowledge to help you face the challenge you are experiencing. However, it would be best if you were careful because some of the attorneys that you are going to come across are not genuine with their information.

Communication Skills

communicationBesides ensuring that you are working with an attorney with a good understanding of the law, the other important thing that you need to pay attention to is communication skills. While some people will argue
that the attorney’s knowledge is superior to the communication skills, the truth is that both are essential. If a lawyer does not have excellent communication skills, it simply means that they will have a hard time articulating their points in a court of law, which can negatively impact your case. Observing how the attorney communicates to you the first time you meet can tell you more about their communication skills.

The Reputation

positive reputationLastly, you should hire an attorney who has a good reputation. In most cases, an attorney’s reputation tells you that the attorney has handled many cases in a way that makes the previous clients satisfied. In other words, an attorney’s reputation implies more about the ability of a lawyer to provide you wit quality legal services. Several ways can help you know more about an attorney’s reputation, and one of them is reading online reviews. In addition to the reputation, you should also consider the experience and the cost of the legal services. Attorneys with incredible experience are the best.

The Significance of Hiring a Lawyer in DUI Cases


Although the government is doing all measures to discourage driving in the influence of liquor, drunk driving is still a problem all over the United States. In one of the statistics by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 1 ½ million people are arrested every year for driving in the influence of liquor. To be charged with DUI, a driver should be found driving with at least .08 alcohol content in his blood. Drivers suspected of drunk driving will also undergo the Field Sobriety Test to determine if the driver is impaired due to alcohol intoxication.

Over the years, drunk driving has brought immense damage to lives and properties, and this has made DUI a serious offense in all states. Because DUI cases are treated as severe crimes, the services of competent DUI lawyers like Ronald Dinan & Associates are highly advisable to guide every drunk driving offender though out the complex legal process.

Many people still think that a DUI is only a simple misdemeanor. For those who have not experienced being arrested for drunk driving, a DUI case seems easy to get away with until they are caught. You can be given the stiffest penalties even if it is your first offense, which can cause you to spend money, time, and effort. In such a case that you do not like to go through the inconveniences and for the following reasons, you should hire a DUI lawyer.

DUISaves You Time

If you are a working professional, a businessman, or anybody who values his time, you may have no choice but to hire a private lawyer to represent you in your appearances relative to the DIU case filed against you. You may be required to show up a lot of times, depending on the judge hearing the case, and it may take long hours. Skipping from work may not seem to work here. Don’t think of representing your case if you cannot attend all the hearings. It may have negative implications on your case.

Hiring a public attorney may not also be a good option as most of them are overloaded with several cases. You may need to be present in hearings just the same.

They Know Your Case

DUI attorneyHiring the services of a top-notch criminal attorney can be the best decision if you are facing a DUI case. A DUI attorney has an in-depth knowledge of the DUI law and defenses that other lawyers may not possess. This may ensure that you get the best outcome, which can result in a better plea bargain or dismissal.

They Have the Influence

When choosing the right DUI attorney, be sure to hire one who has been in the industry for some time. He must have known how to work with all the important people that are directly connected to your case. This can be favorable to you when your attorney has ample experience working with the judge and officers working on your case.

Common Questions Asked When Bail is Posted

Most of the people have not dealt with the situation of seeking bail for a family member or friend out of jail. That explains why they have a lot of questions for the bondsman. This is quite understandable – your emotions are running high, and your panic is setting in. In this post, you will learn about some of the common questions asked by people who are seeking bail. Knowing their answers in advance can help you if you get yourself in the same situation.

Can I Get My Money Back?

legal custodyWhen you seek the services of a bail bondsman, the fee that is paid will not be returned. It does not matter the outcome of the case. Moreover, it is not applied to court fees. That is the main difference between paying bail with and without a bondsman. The good thing about working with a bail bondsman is that you can acquire the bail for much less. Usually, the feel is about 10% of the bail amount.

Can I Finance the Bail?

The truth is that bails can be quite pricey. That explains why there are several companies that are providing other payment plan options. It is vital to consider that each case and circumstance is different and unique. If you cannot pay the fee without a plan, you need to let your bail bondsman know of the same before the paperwork is signed. If the bail bondsman does not provide payment plans, the factors that determine your monthly payments will be the bail amount that is set by the court.

Is it Possible to Change the Bail Amount?

Yes, your bail amount can be changed. However, there must be a legitimate reason for that to happen. Usually, the bail is set by a bond schedule, but the judge can also consider other factors like how violent or serious the crime is if you have a job, your history with the community, and your probability of skipping court hearing.

Even though the amount has been set with the above factors considered, the bail amount can still be changed by the judge. That can happen when there is a change in circumstances like discovering that the crime is more serious than it was previously thought. You should note that for a judge to change or raise the bail, there ought to be a legitimate reason, and it must be stated on the record.

Top Reasons to Have Your Criminal Records Expunged

man on handcuffs

A criminal record can have a massive dent on various aspects of your life. Perhaps, it could have been a felony in the past that you feel should not stand between you and the future. Unfortunately, in the society we live in, it is common to have people judge you for something that you did in the past, even though it was just a simple misdemeanor. To avoid such unfair judgments, you can have your criminal history expunged.

legal books

Having a criminal record expunged can make lots of difference in your life. The best way to go about this is to hire an expungement lawyer from Laviage Law. That said, here are some reasons why you should try everything within your means to have your criminal records expunged.

Getting a New Job Will Be Easier

When applying for a job, most employers require you to fill in some information about your past. This details might be as simple as a yes or no question about whether you have ever been convicted of a crime. This scenario often presents an awkward situation for anyone with a criminal history. Instead of taking the risk of not being truthful, have your dark past deleted from your records.

To Improve Your Chances of Getting a Loan

Getting a loan is always easy for people with a criminal past. Some lenders are fond of stereotyping people with dark pasts labeling them as a high risk. This means that you might face some prohibitive rates, or at times have your loan application declined. It also means that you might have limited challenges when it comes to making investments. Having your criminal records expunged, thus, could see you improve your chances of getting a loan.


Criminal records can be used against you if you are considering adopting a child. It is worth noting that some states explicitly bar individuals with a criminal past from adopting a child. Some criminal records such as sex offenses or crimes involving children, however, cannot be expunged. But if your crimes do not seem to threaten the safety of kids, they can be deleted to help you adopt a child.

lawyer at work

Peace of Mind

There are instances where expunging your criminal records might help you access some services. But you can also do it for your peace of mind. Having that blemish removed on your records is essential to making you feel truly free.

Tips on How to Keep a Marriage Together

happy couple

Marriage is a beautiful thing, and that’s for sure. Over the years, most couples have had their own ideologies on how marriage works. We couldn’t be more proud to have couples we can look up to. They are just what unmarried, or newly wedded couples need to know that marriage works. Besides, there is so much to look forward to in life to go it alone. You do need that special someone to share the joys and pains of life with. With these tips on keeping a marriage together, you will feel like marriage is the best phase of your life so far.

Do Something New

Marriage begins to lose its taste when you keep doing the same thing over and over. It’s not wrong to do the same things. What’s wrong is doing them in the same way you did them the last time. For instance, if you’re going out, try a different venue and something you’ve never done before.

This is mostly for the husbands, keep surprising your wife with something new every time you take her out. The wives are not an exception either, take your husbands out and make them feel special. In fact, go the extra mile and foot all the bills. Your husband will never have a reason to look without the confines of the marriage.

Forgive Each Other

Someone once said that a good marriage is made up of two good forgivers. Though it’s not always easy to overlook all the wrongs done to you by your partner, it is well worth it. When you decide to bury the hatchet, it’s your way of communicating the love you have for one another.

It is like saying, ‘the love I have for you is stronger than the wrong you’ve done against me.’ The more this culture of forgiveness goes on is the stronger your marriage grows.

At the same time, be mindful of your partner’s feelings. Avoid doing or saying things you know will hurt them. It will only be a matter of time before you learn to cover each other’s backs even from external forces that mean harm to your marriage.

Keep Discovering Each Other

Just as you were doing when you were still dating, continue discovering each other. The discovery phase doesn’t end when you get married. There are some intriguing features and characteristics you never knew about your partner that would interest you.
After all, marriage is a lifelong commitment and requires you to always be on your toes in regards to everything that concerns your partner’s whereabouts. Make it an adventure that you are willing to engage in daily.

Be Open

If there’s something that’s killing marriages these days, it has to be mistrust. Married couples are keeping things from each other in the name of protecting their marriage. This is a path that no one should endeavor to follow. Be open with your partner even on the prettiest of affairs.

This way, you are laying a firm foundation upon which your marriage will thrive. Let no one come between you and your partner as you strive to always solve matters amongst yourselves.

Qualities of a Top Car Accident Attorney


Being involved in a car accident or someone you love getting involved can be a nightmare scenario. This is because you will be dealing with a legal case while also juggling with doctor visits, medical bills, and lost wages. However, if you have a reasonable car accident attorney, you can successfully make a legitimate claim and get compensated for your injuries.
Hiring a personal car accident attorney can be a daunting task since you will have seamless options. You should, therefore, look at the following qualities so that you can narrow down your search for a top accident lawyer.


accidentYou should ensure that the attorney you are looking to hire has a good track record of successfully handling car accident cases. Since many law firms have specialized in personal injury law, you should ask the attorney you want to hire what type of cases he typically handles. This is because when looking to make a claim, your main target will be to get a settlement and not to go to trial. You should, therefore, ensure that your attorney has a good record of successfully securing settlements.


If you want to stand a higher chance of successfully making a claim and getting compensated for your injuries, then you need to have someone who is experienced. You should go for an attorney that has at least five years of experience in representing victims of car accidents. It would be an added advantage if you had an attorney that has taken cases against the same insurance company that you are looking for compensation from.


You should ensure that the attorney you are hiring has been successful, both in the past and in the present. There is no point in hiring an attorney who has never succeeded against the auto insurance companies.


lawIt is advisable to go for a car accident attorney that you know will fight for you until you get what you deserve. When you are an accident victim, and you are staking your claim against a big auto insurance campaign, the odds will be against you. You could use a trusted attorney in your corner.
Your attorney should be ready to go to trial if the need arises. So it is good that you choose an attorney who has taken some cases to trial and succeeded. This is because insurance companies always have records of attorneys who have taken cases to trial before.

Why You Need a Trucking Accident Lawyer?

truck accident

After a truck accident, there is a lot that goes on. You may get hurt and you will no longer get back to your work. Secondly, you will lose income because this was your source of income. At times, truck accidents have also resulted to property damage and in some incidents cause death.

When all these happen, you may not even think of legal procedures to have you compensated. You will be looking for a way to pay your bills and if it is not a severe accident, you will be planning on how to get back to work. But the truth of the matter is that anyone who gets involved in a truck accident in oklahoma that is caused by a careless driver, you need to seek for compensation.

Even in a case where you lose a loved one, you need to seek for compensation even though it will not bring back the life that was taken. Following up the compensation by yourself may not be easy. The process is very tiring and needs experts in this. Therefore, you will be required to hire a truck accident lawyer who will help you to claim for compensation. Hiring a truck accident lawyer is essential because of the following reasons discussed in this article.

Knowledge of the Law

accident truckThe truck laws are very different in a way with the general driving rules. For instance, in trucking laws, you will find the regulation on the maximum weight a truck should carry and hours trucks should be on the road. Therefore, the law is very complex, and at times you may not be able to stand in a court of law arguing in your case.

When you hire a truck accident lawyer, he or she will know how to present your case because of the knowledge of the law. The lawyer will know the regulations that were violated in the accident and build your case from the evidence.

You Will Receive Skilled Litigation

accidentAfter a truck accident, you may end up getting injured, and you will not be in a position to pursue litigations against defendants who are very powerful. Therefore, when you choose to hire a truck accident attorney, you will be setting a playing ground that is leveled. The lawyer has undergone training, and so he or she will be well positioned to argue your case out, and you get the compensation that you deserve.

Negotiating with Your Insurance

Insurance companies have proved to be a bit difficult when they are approached for compensation. They have many rules which you may not even understand if you are not a law expert. Therefore, when you choose to hire a truck accident lawyer, you will be able to get an individual who will be able to negotiate with your insurance after you are involved in an accident.

Everything you should know about premises liability

Premise liability refers to any injury directly linked to a property owner. This emanates from the property owner’s lack of disclaimers suggesting possible dangers in their property. This could also be attributed to poor maintenance of the property. Some of the cases in premises liability include construction accidents, assaults due to inadequate security, slipcases among others. This article will discuss some of the issues you need to know in regards to property liability.

Categories of people whom a premise owner owes a duty of care


A premise owner owes injured persons in his or her premises a duty of care. However, the relationship between the injured and the owner of the premises defines the nature of the burden of care. Below are three main categories of people whom a premise owner owes the duty of care.

Invitee or welcomed visitors

This person benefits him or herself and the property owner upon paying a visit to any premises. For instance, a grocery seller will benefit from having groceries to sell. On the other hand, the property owner will earn some cash from the transaction.


A licensee refers to a person whom the property owner allows to access his or her premises. A houseguest is an excellent example of a licensee. This category of persons does not trade any benefit with the property owner.


A trespasser accesses any property with the consent of the owner. His or her act of trespass may be out of negligence or consciousness. However, irrespective of the latter a premise owner owes him or her a duty of care.

Duty of care to the above cases of persons

An invitee

A premise owner must guarantee any invite protection while on his or her property. Failure to this, he or she must be liable to any risk that arises due to his actions. Some of the measures that a premise owner can take to ensure an invitee is free from any danger include inspecting his property, and fixing any problems that may pose a danger and ensuring security all the same. More to this, he can put a disclaimer to alert invitees on any risky areas such as wet floor slippery floor among others.


In regards to licensees, a property owner must inform the latter on any risky areas on his or her premises. Nevertheless, he or she should not fix the problems or inspect them for the sake of the licensee. Therefore, in this scenario in case of any danger, after warning the licensee he or she is not liable.


The duty of a premise owner towards trespassers is simple. He or she should not threat trespassers by putting on dangerous things on his property. More to this, it is not his or her duty to warn trespasser on any risky areas on the premises.

If by any chance you are a invitee or a licensee and you get in injured in a property, you are at liberty to file a claim. Since this is a legal matter, you also need to walk with a reputable atlanta premesis liability lawyer if you reside in this part of the country.




Who is a Criminal Lawyer and What Do They Do?

criminal lawyer

In the event that you are accused of a drug crime, murder, or any other crime, you are possibly going to need a criminal lawyer to represent you. The entire goal of doing this is to prove your innocence and showing the whole world that you are not guilty of the crime that you have been accused of. Being guilty of a criminal offense directly translates into you being in prison. This is a fate that nobody wants, more especially if they know that they are not guilty. Therefore, if you’re going to achieve this, you will need a good criminal lawyer to see you through the entire process. But who is a criminal lawyer and what roles do they serve? Read this article to know more.

Who is a criminal lawyer?

crimeA criminal lawyer or criminal defense attorney can be described as an individual who represents those who have been charged with committing crimes in court. Crimes that warranty the services of a criminal lawyer include misdemeanor or even felony. So what exactly is the importance of criminal lawyer?

Carry out the necessary interview on the case

Once you have hired the services of a criminal lawyer, they will meet with you personally and have as many details as possible about the case. The criminal lawyer will ask specific questions concerning the case. This is very important as it will help them learn and plan the possible defenses, strengths and weaknesses of the particular case. To achieve this, they conduct a careful and thoughtful interrogation to the defendant.

Investigate the case

In addition to the above, a criminal lawyer carries further investigation into the case so that they can establish any possible ways through which the defendant can be acquitted. This involves talking to the police on the procedures that they used in conducting the case and talking to witnesses who will give valuable information concerning the case.

Evidence analysis

Another essential role that criminal lawyers play is evidence analysis. Here, the criminal defense attorney clearly studies and analyses the facts related to the case plus the relevant theories.

Jury selection

The criminal defense lawyer also offers excellent assistance when it comes to the jury selection process. If they realize that some jurors may be biased in any way during the trial, they will try to have them removed.

Plea bargaining

Another vital role that criminal defense lawyers play is negotiating a favorable deal with the court. They assess any possible openings in law to make the plea. Here they can help the accused get an acquittal or reduction of their charges and possibly the amount of punishment.

Reasons to stay married and not divorced


We all make mistakes, and one of them is marriage. Sometimes we think that we’re ready or perhaps we’re just pushing for a specific image we wanted to portray on to the society. Maybe that you’re too young, or as a couple you didn’t think it thoroughly with your spouse, or perhaps you feel like you were never meant to be together and maybe divorce is already final for both sides. But should you get a divorce? Although the final decision is in your hand, we have several reasons why you should. Hopefully, this reasons can convince you of not getting a divorce.

kidsThe kids

The kids are probably the main reason why you shouldn’t get a divorce when parents separate from the house; it affects the children the most. A broken home can cause severe trauma to the children, which can influence the way they think, act and the way they perceive a relationship. There are also some studies that children from normal family can adjust well in school, and can cope with problems much better than children that came from a broken home. If divorce is the choice, make sure that you find some of the best lawyers to handle your case.

Splitting assetscourt

This reason is also a significant thing on why a divorce can be a bad idea, let’s say that you have bought a house together and you put your name under the legal documents, this will cause an argument on the court, which means lawyers, debates and many more. The divorce will not only cost your relationship but finance, time and also the custody of your child.

It can affect your finances

When you get a divorce, it can also affect your finances, as you have to give some fees, starting from lawyers, to the legal fees, child support, moving fees (which can cost a lot), and many more. To make matter worse, you might get into an argument about who keeps the asset, and who has the custody, which can cost more.

Tip: when facing a divorce you probably want to finish it as soon as possible, as you keep paying the lawyer the longer you keep the case going around, which can cost a lot.

It will affect your mental healthmental health

No matter how it might make you feel better, it will affect you in the first days; divorce can cause a lot to your mental health. Anxiety, depression, and trauma might creep in, which can earn you a visit to the therapist.

Getting custody of your child


Parents go through a lot when raising their children. Their own personal differences can have an impact on their children’s lives. A couple may disagree because of various reasons which may lead to their need for separation. In such a situation, kids become mentally disturbed because they are denied the joy of being with both their parents. A legal process is essential in a divorce or separation to help the couple agree on what one should part with. One of the most disputed decisions in such a procedure is child custody. Parents always differ on who should take full custody of the child each of them giving out their reasons.


Some argue out the best intentions they have for the child which the court should consider. Your commitment to seeing the child live a better life is also another thing a court can consider. In some instances, courts tend to deny a parent their child custody because of their conduct in the courtroom. Emotional outbursts in the courtroom and anything demeaning to the court are some of the things considered before a ruling on child custody is issued. The financial status of a parent is also put into consideration. Parents should consider the following before filing a case to get the custody of a child.


Legal professional

You should look for an experienced lawyer who understands matters child custody. Go through the records of one and scrutinize their 002background experience in cases involving child custody. You are also advised to understand what the law requires in such matters. If you have a hard time to pick one, seek references of the best legal minds that can deal with such cases swiftly. An experienced lawyer will inform you on the process and help you file all that is required of the case. They will give a proper presentation before the judges.


Proper testimony

Get people who will highlight how your parent-child relationship should be a reason for the court to grant you custody of your child. They should be clear and fluent to convince the judges. People you have lived with and known you for an extended period of time can play the role of a character witness because they know everything about you and how you relate to your child. Judges will consider their presentations before coming up with a ruling.


003Test preparedness

The bar may come up with different tests to see if you can coexist with your child properly. You should prepare for any of these assignments. They may send a person to evaluate your character at home. This may not be a comfortable affair for many, but you should welcome the process and maintain your character by living and treating your child like you always do.

Top reasons for finding a divorce lawyer


Getting a divorce can be one of the most frustrating things in life. It is the time you finally let go of the person you had thought will be by your side forever. Because of the stress that comes with such a situation, you may find yourself in confusion. You are also likely to make decisions that will end up harming you. This is the reason you should be looking for a lawyer so that they can take charge of the process. They will help you to settle all the demands that have been put in place by your spouse, and ensure that you get to a good conclusion. Always do the following when hiring a divorce lawyer in fresno ca.

Top reasons for finding a divorce lawyer

Division of property

fdgdfgfdgfdgdfgThis is where most of the argument centers. Since you will be seeking to divide the property that you accumulated when you were married, you are likely to get different demands from every side of the case. There are those who will be asking for properties that the other partner is not willing to let go.

Therefore, you should find a lawyer who can help you to divide these properties without having to go through ugly confrontations. They should know how to negotiate with your partner and let them understand why they are taking a certain stand. At the end of it, everyone will walk away satisfied and will be now focusing on starting their lives all over again.

Child custody

Apart from the property, children also find themselves at the center of divorce cases. Things such as who gets to stay with the children, and who can visit them always come to the fore. In addition to that, there always are heated arguments about who will be supporting the kids.

There are times when a spouse may demand a lot of money for child support especially when the other partner earns more than they do. Although the courts always have their own ways of calculating child support and determining who keeps the kids, a good divorce lawyer will make things easier by providing other possible solution.

A quick conclusion to the case

fghfdhfghgfhgfhfghA divorce case is not one of the things that you want to drag for too long. It is one of those cases that you want to do away with so that you can forget about your past, and embark on building your new life. What you may not know is that the speed at which these cases are finalized depends on the divorce lawyer that you choose for the case.

As you will find out, there are lawyers who will make efforts to solve things outside the courts so that when they come before the judge, both parties already have an agreement. This means that the case will be done and forget within a very short time.

Right Things To Do After Injured In An Accident


Accidents are usually unpredictable risks. You may get into one even if you are taking every precaution to avoid it. At the same time, you can prepare for this unfortunate eventuality by knowing what happens next after the accident. This knowledge might just save your life and your finances. Kindly pay attention and if possible let others know about the things to do if you are injured in an accident.


Stay at the scene of the accident

You should get as much detail as possible about the accident and be in a possible to defend yourself as an innocent or as the cause of the accident. Therefore, stay at the scene as you await help. You should only move away from the scene if it is important. If you are in a traffic accident on a major highway, you might need to move forward or backward to make way for the rest of the traffic. Otherwise, aim to retain the position you were in when the accident happened. The position serves as part of the evidence of the accident. This detail comes in handy when you are making claims to your insurance. Your report must corroborate that of the police, and that is partially the importance of being on the scene.

Get information about other parties in the accident

You need to note the registration number of the other cars involved in the accident and the name of their drivers. Once again the information you collect will be useful for making your claim to your insurer. You also need this information so that it is easier to corroborate your story to the authorities when you contact them. Be polite when requesting the information. In as much as one of the parties might be


responsible for the accident, there is no need to


panic and to act irrationally. If there are no major casualties, then you need to wait for the police or agree with the other party to depart from the scene and move to the nearest station to report the accident.


Call emergency services

You must perform first aid only if you are conversant with the practice. Otherwise, call emergency services and ask for assistance. Ask them for the next action to take, and explain every detail of the accident. Meanwhile, also inform authorities about the incident. If you are the one severely affected, try to reach out for your identification details and share them with any other person at the scene. Your identification can help them and authorities to recognize any additional care they should take when handling you and the choice of hospitals that are available to them based on your insurance cover and your social status.


Tell your cover provider

You may need to reach to more than one insurer if you have both health and car accident cover. You need them to take care of your health bills ensuing from the accident and also meet the repair costs for other property/vehicle damages. Remember to inform authorities before you get to your insurer. In most cases, the insurer will request evidence of the report to the police before admitting your claim.


Although it is hard to get away from an accident without any harm, it is possible to quicken the recovery process for your finances and your time. The key thing to remember regarding things to do if you get injured in an accident is that you must follow the necessary procedure to avoid voiding your insurance cover and submitting yourself to blame. Keep calm act as recommended.

5 Local Search Tips for Law Firms



When you enter the word “law firms” in Google’s address bar, it automatically displays the results of nearby law firms. Now, think about it for a second. You mentioned a generic keyword without any local terms. Still, you are provided with localized results. That happens because Google knows your location and it displays maps and search results accordingly.


But Why Is Google So Reliable?

Google itself is not a magician. The real effort is made by the law firms that appear on SERPs. However, many lawyers still follow the principle of word-of-mouth marketing, others find it quite difficult to find new clients through this technique. For them, the only effective way to get noticed is by investing in high quality and reliable local SEO. Why? Because, people these days rely on mobile phones to learn about anything. From finding businesses to searching products, a cell phone is the first thing they use. So, if you’ve done your homework, you’re likely to get their attention.


But before you jump to SEO techniques, think about these challenges:

1. It’s a highly competitive field.
If you’re a newcomer, you should be prepared to give your SEO some time, till they generate results.

2. Lawyers are highly ambitious and competitive.
They’re looking for results so they’d be willing to try anything that works. So, you’ll face tough competition on field-related and generic keywords.

3. Be aware of the restrictions imposed by your Bar association. In most cases, law firms don’t know about any new rule or restriction imposed on SEO, so they are likely to get some surprises.

Here are some local searched for law firms that can be use:

Start With Smaller Location

Before you go on to become city’s best lawyer, you ought to have a good record regarding more specific keyword – say a
“criminal lawyer (name of the neighborhood)”. You should know that competition for a city-based keyword would be harder. With a strong foundation – first page ranking for neighborhood search – would give you an edge over others.


Local Content Always Helps

To rank well for a specific search term, you have to create a quality content on a regular basis. Google always gives priority to sites that are consistent regarding content generation.

Customer Reviews

Encourage your existing clients to review your business on Google, Yelp and other similar sites. The more mentions you have the better it is for your law firm. There are hundreds of networks where customers can review businesses. It would be hard for you to go through customer reviews on each, so better hire a professional firm to monitor reviews on these sites.

Get Listed

Before you get reviews, you need to acquire your place on local listings. So, get listed on as many directories as you possibly could. Claim your business on sites where reviews about you have already been mentioned by your customers. You can, for example, start from Google+ Local listing then focus on free legal directories.

Get Citations and Links

Websites that rank high on Google have high-quality links. Google also considers business names, phone or other contact information is used even without the link. A citation is a strong influencer for local searches. The more links and citations you have, the better it will be for you.

Qualities Of A good Divorce Attorney


Choosing a good divorce lawyer can be quite a tough task. You cannot hire a lawyer because you found him online and since you need one, he is the best. Remember that a divorce attorney will be the lawyer that will assist you in negotiating the terms of your divorce and that is why you need to ensure that the lawyer has the credentials, skills and experience, and style that is required at an affordable price.

Properties of a good divorce attorney


It is important that when you are looking for a lawyer, you do not pick any lawyer that you come across. You have to remember that working with a lawyer requires trust and a peaceful working experience that is going to last for a lot of months. Ensure that you pick the right lawyer for your case. An attorney, who can formulate a winning legal solution to your dilemma one who will make you leave the court satisfied about your case. Below are the qualities of a good divorce attorney.

Mastery of family law

When you are choosing a divorce lawyer, ensure that you pick an attorney who devotes his legal practice in family law. Of course, this is a complicated field in the area of legal practice. You should ensure that you look for someone who has enough experience and skills that are needed in dealing with the involution of the divorce process. During a divorce, you need to take important issues into account, and that is why you need to be represented by a good lawyer. Remember that the life of your children is at stake and so you cannot entrust the case to someone who will not guarantee you a win-win solution in this case.

Attention to details

Good lawyers are always concerned with the details, and they should know the facts so that they can win your case. If you are choosing a good lawyer, you should be able to see his attentiveness and involvement the very first time you consult him. A good lawyer is one who will fight for your rights as his client. When you are talking to him, he should be able to give you all his attention but if he is paying attention to something else as you do the talking, he is not a good one, and so you should look for any excuse and find someone else.

Good communication discipline

lsdnvlksadvlsdnvlaksdnvlkasndvlkasdvnlaskdvnklasdnvlksadnvlasdvasdWhen you want to know who a good lawyer is, is one who ensures timely communication is an important factor in a lawyer-client relationship. You will be able to see this during your first stages of your consultation process. By proper taking and returning of your calls, you will be able to know his office policies. This will enable you to know how dedicated this lawyer is to his job. Timely communication is important because it will enable you to understand that the lawyer can formulate winning strategies for legal issues. A lawyer who is completely the opposite of what is discussed above is a failure and will not help you in your case.